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Empowering International Doctors Advancing their Medical Careers in the United States

Welcome to Houston English Language Professionals!

Our passion is to empower international doctors who are launching or advancing their careers in the United States.

We strive to understand the struggles you experience, from becoming ECFMG certified, to preparing for residency interviews, to the everyday communication demands of a medical professional.

The Road to Residency Online Course

Road to Residency is perfect for international physicians who are in the process of applying for a residency or fellowship in the US. 

Attending an interview for a position when English is a second language can be difficult.

It’s important for physicians applying to be prepared to confidently answer the questions the interviewers ask and to remain culturally aware as well.

Teaching those skills and best practices is the goal of Road to Residency.

Hello!  I’m Simone, Your Coach

I have been an English language professional for about 20 years. After working with a physician from Vietnam who needed help with his spoken English, it was clear to me that there is a broad need for physician-specific English communication programs.

I realized that physicians have unique vocabulary requirements, so I began focusing my energy on providing the skills and tools that international physicians can use to communicate clearly and effectively, taking cultural nuances into consideration.

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